Where are you starting this game from, where do you want to end up? The million dollar question is: What do you want to be known for and how can you grow into that?


Have you ever been looking for someone else to blame and not been able to find them? Train yourself to ask is tough but empowering question… “What is my role in this?”


Does the room light up when you walk in or when you walk out? On a scale of one to ten, is your attitude helping or hurting the situation right now? Learn how to accumulate bonus points by filling your cache with actionable tools you can use immediately to flip your attitude switch to upbeat and positive.


That which we focus on expands and there is no quicker way to get more of what’s going right than by reframing our thoughts. Changing our ‘have’ to-do list to a ‘get’ to-do list is just one pro-active way. Are you ready to learn more?


A successful session is more than just having an audience who laughs, interacts, engages and learns. A session is only fully a hit if your participants feel, think and most importantly act differently afterwards. Being inspired to take action on what they have learned is what makes Stephanie’s sessions a game-changer.